The online pharmacy industry is expected reach $29 billion in five years. Learn how to buy prescription drugs online safely.

Buying drugs online from a rogue pharmacy can compromise your health. Counterfeit medicines are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

Here’s how you can safely purchase drugs online:

Buy Prescription Drugs Online From a Safe Pharmacy

You need to make sure you’re getting drugs from a reputable online pharmacy.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) currently has 28 approved online pharmacies. NABP has a program called Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) that only accredits legitimate pharmacies with NABP-approved practices. Your information is just as safe on VIPPS-approved sites as it is at your local pharmacy.

The online pharmacy you choose should also be certified by your state’s board of pharmacy or equivalent organization.

A reputable online pharmacy will require you to have a prescription for any prescription drugs you order. There should also be a licensed United States pharmacist available to answer your questions.

Safe online pharmacies are often based on the United States. Your online pharmacy should be able to provide a United States address.

Signs of a Rogue Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies that aren’t accredited are unsafe to buy from. They often sell counterfeit drugs online that contain too much or too little of the active ingredient. These counterfeit drugs can also contain other harmful substances.

If an online pharmacy doesn’t require you to have a prescription to purchase prescription drugs, that’s a red flag. Another red flag is if the online pharmacy claims to offer worldwide shipping. Typically, these online pharmacies are based outside of the United States.

Don’t trust an online pharmacy that doesn’t have a United States-accredited pharmacist to talk to. Rogue online pharmacies will often be unresponsive or rude when you ask questions.

There will be no VIPPS seal on an illegitimate online pharmacy site. A reputable online pharmacy will not spam your e-mail with cheap medicine offers.

Comparison Shop

One of the benefits of online pharmacies is that you can compare prices. You can save big when you buy medicine online if you’re willing to go for a generic version.

Prices at a reputable online pharmacy are reasonable. Virtual medicine makes it possible for people to save money on drugs.

Prices at an illegitimate pharmacy are often too good to be true. Online pharmacy drug prices are often cheaper, but be wary if a drug is too cheap.

Don’t be afraid to consult the online pharmacists available.

Speak With Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance might already have an online pharmacy system in place. Contact your insurance provider and ask if there’s any way you can order prescription drugs online.

If your insurance provider says yes, ask for information about co-pays.

Your insurance company’s online pharmacy should also be VIPPS-approved. You’ll have to enter your insurance information into a reputable online pharmacy anyway.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Around 1 out of every 6 Americans take a psychiatric drug. Buy prescription drugs online to get the drugs you need on the most convenient terms possible.

Explore the world of online healthcare and see how it can benefit you.