Possibly the most frustrating part of any doctor’s visit is the wait to see him. Or maybe, the wait wasn’t bad but the cost is sky-high–all for five minutes of face time.

No matter how you look at it, physically going to the doctor isn’t fun. It’s a time sucker and expensive; for these reasons, people often wait too long to see a physician.

This excessive waiting can quickly add to the cost if complications develop, tests are ordered, extra prescriptions are written, or hospitalization is required.

Telemedicine is transforming healthcare by allowing people to see a doctor when needed, at a lower cost, and from the comfort of home. Keep reading for 5 facts about virtual clinics!

Real Savings

Unless you have a top-tier insurance plan, chances are visits to a walk-in clinic are costly. An average visit to a walk-in clinic without insurance is going to run close to $150. This number does not reflect the cost of an ER visit.

This $150 often doesn’t include anything more than telling the doctor what’s wrong and leaving with a prescription.

Virtual clinics typically cost about $40-50. This is in part because they don’t have the high cost of overhead.

Wait Times can Kill

Many people without insurance go to emergency rooms for even the slightest illness or injury. This is understandable when it’s the only way to be seen, however, it also increases wait times indefinitely.

Part of the ER’s job is triage–basically ranking patients on who needs to be seen first based on the seriousness of the visit. This ranking system isn’t perfect and sometimes people who should wait, are seen before those that truly need it.

Telemedicine helps reign this problem by allowing non-emergent cases to be taken care of online.

Relationships Develop

When visiting an ER or walk-in clinic, there is no guarantee who you’ll see. The doctor won’t know who you are, and there isn’t much time for pleasantries.

Telemedicine doctors have the ability to get to know you and you can easily book appointments with the same physician each time. Developing a relationship with your doctor is important, he can tell when something is not right and you feel compelled to be open and honest.

Your Information is Safe

Just like at an in-person doctor’s visit, your information will be protected. It will be protected by the ethics of the doctor and the standards of HIPAA.

Only authorized users will be able to access your information. Anything in your file will be protected by encryption meaning it is unable to be accessed by the outside world.

See the Full Picture

When seeing your virtual doctor, you’ll be able to see the charts and graphs he’s looking at. Your files are easily accessible to both of you, and the doctor can quickly update your history to reflect current conditions.

This allows for a true picture of your overall health to be given to you and your doctor, easing any anxiety you might be feeling.

Make the Change to Virtual Clinics

Virtual clinics have a variety of benefits that are applicable to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, generation, or any factor that might be otherwise felt.

Telemedicine doctors take the same oath as the ones you’d see in a physical clinic–they will do no harm–they just happen to charge you less while keeping this oath.

If you’d like more information on telemedicine or virtual clinics, check out our blog!