Telemedicine Benefits

With the expansion of high-speed internet connections and increased use of smartphones and computers, Telemedicine is becoming mainstream. Below are some key telemedicine benefits that make it a popular choice for so many people.


Telemedicine provides easy phone and video access for routine or urgent health related issues. You, the patient, have a choice for not only when you want to see a doctor, but also where. Whether you’re at home or taking a break at work, telemedicine allows you to chat with a doctor via your computer or phone.

Cost Savings

Telemedicine patients are able to reduce healthcare costs. There is no need to take time off work, spend time in traffic or pay for parking. You can chat with doctors when and where you want.

Access to More Physicians

Whether you live in a rural or metropolitan area, seeing a specialists can be difficult. They may be too far away to travel or have a full appointment calendar that is hard to get on. Doctor On Call makes it possible to leverage technology to see who you need to see.

Improved Quality of Care

Telemedicine is a patient-centered approach and improves the timeliness of care. Healthcare issues can be addressed quickly and learn about treatment options immediately.

Increased Patient Engagement

The convenience of telemedicine helps patients maintain appointments and care schedules. It is also easier for patients to be more open and honest with their doctors, if they are in a more comfortable setting.

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